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How much money do you spend on your car every month? How much on your hair? And how much on your pet? Or the gym membership?
Comprehensive private dentistry in state of the art surgeries with regular visits to our Hygienist and access to our weekend on call service in case of accident or emergency is available from little over £18 PER MONTH or the simpler Denplan Essentials plans from as little as £9.50 PER MONTH!

After your initial assessment which as a new patient you would have to pay for,you will be given options regarding monthly payment plans. The most comprehensive is Denplan Care.

Under this scheme you are assessed clinically, sometimes involving the new online assessment tool DEPPA and this determines what Denplan Care Band you are in. All treatments are included in every band,including expensive procedures like root canal treatment. Where laboratory procedures are involved, for example crown, veneer and bridgework, the laboratory fee is passed on to the patient but the clinical time the dentist spends is covered by Denplan Visits to the Hygienist are included where necessary and there are special plans with Denplan Essentials for patients who need longer and more frequent visits to the Hygienist.

Treatments involving referral such as Implants and orthodontic treatment are not covered.   

There is no need for an assessment with Denplan Essentials and for our regular plan you can sign up to this online.    

Denplan For Children is also offered from the age of 5

Children under the age of 5 are seen free of charge if a parent is a registered patient of the practice

All Denplan contracts include accident and emergency cover home and abroad. If a dental emergency occurs when you are abroad keep the receipts from the dentist you consulted and Denplan will reimburse you when you get home.

New Road Dental Practice was the first practice in Saffron Walden to commit to Denplan Care eighteen years ago and has been more recently been accredited as a Denplan Excel practice.This means that we are regularly inspected by dental experts who make sure we don’t just comply with the basic standards but have an overriding commitment to the highest standards of care and excellence in dentistry.

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What is Denplan Excel?

How it benefits you as a patient

All practising dentists in the UK have to be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who regulate and inspect dental practices.

Our Denplan Excel certification programme is an additional mark of quality available to member dentists, and is tailored to support and encourage practices to reach their full potential as providers of excellent customer care. To join Denplan Excel, a practice must demonstrate continued commitment to quality improvement. Practices must also pledge to use the most appropriate procedures and dental knowledge to ensure patients are receiving the highest standards of care from start to finish, and encourage patients to be involved in any decision making stages. Denplan Excel members can also access DEPPA, an online tool your dentist can use at your check-up that helps you and your dentist examine your current oral health status and identify any future risks.

As it’s an optional scheme it doesn’t mean that Excel certified dentists are better or more qualified than our non Excel certified dentists – it does however give practices access to additional tools and support from Denplan.
To find out more about Denplan, contact the oral health experts at New Road Dental Practice, Saffron Walden.
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